The Tosoh AIA-360 is perfect for Physician Office Labs and small hospitals running <500 tests per month or less.

Hospitals of all sizes, group physician office labs, large clinics, and core labs will benefit from the AIA-900 model available in both 9-Tray and 19-Tracy Sorters.
(9-Tray Sorter pictured here)

The AIA-2000 is ideal for large hospitals, reference labs, large clinics, core labs, and group physician office labs running 1500+ tests per month.


The BC-3600 is complete with an intuitive operating system, convenient data communication interface, and excellent performance.

  • CBC+3-DIFF, 16 paramenters+3 histograms
  • Throughput: 60 samples per hour
  • Intuitive operating system with TFT touch screen
  • Enhanced performance by proven technology
  • Closed Tube Sampling
  • 40,000 results storage with histograms
  • High quality QC, calibrators and reagents

The Mindray BC-3600 is a system solution for satellite labs and clinics