Routine Clinical Chemistry

Routine Clinical Chemistry is performed using a unique reagent system that is free of chromic interference from hemolysis, lipemia, and jaundice. Spectrophotometric measurements using Infrared technology produces results across from a wide range of important assays to diagnose and predict metabolic disorders and coronary risk. See Toxicology

Immunochemistry – Performed by Automated Immunoassay (AIA)

The wide range of tests support broad endocrine testing, vitamin assessments, testing for inflammation and tumor marker measurements.

SLP has partnered with Tosoh to offer a full line of quality Immunoassay Systems in conjunction with a program that helps your practice maximize the quality of patient care with minimal financial commitment. Available in three configurations to suit a variety of laboratory environments and physician needs, Tosoh Instruments offer:

  • Fast and accurate results
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Stable, dry reagent technology
  • Automated inventory management screens, and
  • Tray sorter options

Select Laboratory Partners also offers the Mindray, BC-3600 Auto Hematology Analyzer.

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Routine Clinical Chemistry & Immunochemistry